Beck’s 2013 Art Label Film

Beck’s Beer commissioned Heist for the second year running to create a short film for their 2013 Art Label series featuring the work of William Hundley, TM Sisters, The Date Farmers, Marc Ecko, Willis Earl Beal, and Kid Cudi.

The six films that Heist produced for the 2012 Beck’s Art Label series featuring M.I.A., Geoff McFetridge, Freegums, Bert Rodriguez, Aerosyn-Lex, and Willy Chyr were a huge success and received over 5 million YouTube impressions.

For the 2013 film, Heist collaborated with the featured artists to create one film telling the story of the project. This cinematic documentary explores the inspiration behind their selected artworks and captures elements of their creative practice in breathtaking 5K cinematography. Heist traveled to the sun bleached desert of the Coachella Valley, the expansive pastures of the Texas countryside, the warm waters of Miami Beach, and filmed in our own backyard in New York City to capture the 2013 lineup at work.


In addition to producing the film, Heist shot the editorial photography for the 2013 Beck’s Art Label advertising campaign with each artist and their limited edition art label.


This project was a collaboration between Heist’s New York and San Francisco offices and was crafted start to finish in house using Heist’s new Red Epic cameras and finished on New York’s Resolve color grading suite. Shooting 5K with the Red Epic gave the creative team the maximum latitude and allowed each artist to have their own color profile evocative of the landscape and their studio environment. This film highlights the boundless potential of these technologies and is an exciting sign of things to come at Heist.