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How do you tell a story of criminal justice, through a lens most people will understand? You tell it through the univeral language of sport.

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Q Ball

Fox Sports / Netflix

"Q Ball” is a riveting, emotionally charged documentary about the San Quentin Warriors. It is chilling, inspiring, heartbreaking, thought-provoking, raw."  Marcus Thompson II, The Athletic
"Far more than simply "The Longest Yard" with hoops, the remarkable "Q Ball" serves as a potent illustration of the redemptive powers of team camaraderie." The Los Angeles Times
"Q Ball delivers a stirring and moving portrait..." Hollywood Reporter

Emmy Award Nominations - Best Documentary & Best Score


Q Ball is the story of The Warriors - San Quentin Penitentiary's inmate basketball team. It's a film about pain, loss, transformation and redemption - a film about men taking ownership of their past and responsibility for their future. 

Over the course of six years, heist built trust with San Quentin inmates, guards and administrators, eventually enabling the first feature-length documentary shot inside the penitentiary.

Q Ball was co-produced with NBA legend Kevin Durant, Fox Sports and Hunting Lane Films. It premiered on Fox Sports and was subsequently made available on Netflix.


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